Application Process

Absolutely! Based on eligibility, producers have access to all programs (APP, CLP and GSLGPP). As the qualified agricultural products are used to determine eligible advance amount, they cannot be duplicated over more than one program.

To maximize your availability of funds here are a few examples:

  1. apply for ginseng in-production under the APP (1M cap) and apply for ginseng stored in inventory under the GSLGPP (1M cap), which potentially would allow access of up to $2,000,000.
  2. apply for corn in-production under the APP (1M cap) and apply for soybeans in-production under the CLP (750K cap), which potentially would allow access of up to $1,750,000.

For more information, please call and speak with one of our Lending Service Representatives at 1-888-278-8807 (English) or 1-877-350-3684 (French) where they will be more than happy to assist.

Several services are provided under your administration fee including credit checks, lien searches, lien registration, as well as administration and compliance services.

Farm-fed crops are eligible for input financing under the Commodity Loan Program.

*To our valued customers. Please be advised that we are currently experiencing higher than expected volumes which may cause some delays in processing your application. We apologize for the delay and we promise to get to your application ASAP.

It will take approximately 10-14 business days to process a complete application. To avoid delays in having your application processed, please review the checklist found within all application forms which lists signatures and supplementary documents required for each program application package submitted. Applicants are also welcome to contact our office at 1-888-278-8807 to review their application prior to submission to ensure all areas are accurately completed, and all supplementary documents have been gathered.

Repayment Process

Repayment can be made via (i) pre-authorized payment at time of application, or by calling or emailing our repayment department; or (ii) through your financial institution online by selecting the payment company “AGRICULTURAL CREDIT CORPORATION” as the payee.

Repayment is required within thirty (30) calendar days after your first sale of the commodity, or by the program repayment deadline, whichever is earlier.

Proof of Sale (receipts) from crop sales and livestock sales are required by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada under terms of the legislation to verify date of sales and amount of product sold used to repay the loan. All APP loan payments for storable commodities must be accompanied by proof of sale after January 31st , and repayment for standard livestock must be always accompanied by proof of sale. 

If Proof of Sale reflects the repayment was not made within 30 calendar days, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada requires ACC charge the Producer a Penalty for Repayments Without Proof of Sales (RWPS) at the rate outlined under the Terms and Conditions of the Repayment Agreement.

For more information please contact our office at 1-888-278-8807 or repayment@agcreditcorp.ca

Bank of Nova Scotia, BMO, TD Canada Trust, RBC, CIBC, and Central 1 Credit Union Ontario.

Please ensure you take note of the ACC No on your Loan Statement, you will need to input it when paying online. Below is a sample loan statement which shows the location of the ACC No.

Then log into your financial institution’s online banking portal, under the “Bill Payments” section, select the payment company “AGRICULTURAL CREDIT CORPORATION” as the payee. The ACC No should be entered in the Account Number box:


The pre-authorized debit option continues to be available. You have the choice of pre-authorized debit or pay online. For those who already have a pre-authorized debit in place, to repay the loan advance in full, you do not need to do anything else.  Proof of sale is still required for payment of storable commodities after Jan 31, and always for all standard livestock payments.

Once the online payment is received, our repayment team will reach out to you if further details are needed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our repayments team by phone or email where they will be glad to assist. Our office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm EST Monday through Friday.

Please note: when submitting Proof of Sales for online payments, clearly note in your email or fax that the Proof of Sale is linked to the online payment with date and amount specified. 

You are encouraged to log into your ACC account via our producer web portal to access your statement.
Direct link: https://producer.agcreditcorp.ca/user


From your internet browser, navigate to the ACC website https://www.agcreditcorp.ca/
       Click on the LOGIN tab at the top right of the screen
       On the LOGIN tab, click the LOGIN HERE button under ARE YOU A PRODUCER?
       This with redirect you to the Producer Portal Log in page https://producer.agcreditcorp.ca/user


If you have an online account setup, however cannot remember your password, click on the Request new password tab to begin the reset process.

New users
to the Online Producer Portal should click the Create new account tab.

Here you should enter a unique Username, your email address (preferably the one on the ACC account for verification purposes), and your ACC account number/CIF. Once all information has been filled in click the Create new account button.

This initiates an automatic email thanking you for registering.
Once ACC approves the new Producer Portal Account request, a second email will be sent with further access directions.


Please note: we recently migrated to new loan software; currently loan statements for 2023 APP and 2023 CLP are not yet available, and we are working diligently to get them ready asap. Meanwhile, our repayment team is happy to assist with your account balance related questions. We appreciate your patience and support through this transition period.