Privacy Policy

In the context of business operations of Agricultural Credit Corporation, producer information includes name, date of birth, location, loans requested, repayment history, credit history and any other information provided by a producer on loan application form(s) or via third parties to Agricultural Credit Corporation for the purpose of determining credit worthiness. The purposes for collection of information and/or data will always be communicated.

Agricultural Credit Corporation makes the following commitments:

  1. Agricultural Credit Corporation will collect producer information only with the producers' consent and for the purpose(s) for which the producer has given consent.
  2. All producer information and business transacted with Agricultural Credit Corporation will be safeguarded by security measures and be shared with third parties only with the consent of the producer. Agricultural Credit Corporation will take all reasonable steps to ensure accuracy of information that is retained.
  3. Producer information will not be sold or rented in the form of customer lists or by any other means.
  4. Agricultural Credit Corporation will collect producer information for identification and processing of loan applications; for assessing and updating credit worthiness on an ongoing basis; for complying with legal regulatory requirements; and for auditing compliance pertaining to loan repayment.
  5. In limited circumstances, Agricultural Credit Corporation will share producer information with credit bureaus and other credit granting organizations, with consent to do so being provided by the individual producer in the loan application.
  6. Producer information data shall be retained for a period as required by legal and regulatory authorities.
  7. Agricultural Credit Corporation endeavors to respond to complaints in a diligent fashion.

Contact Information

Concerns, questions or inquiries about accessing information in your file or regarding Agricultural Credit Corporation privacy policies or procedures should be directed to:

Jaye Atkins
Privacy / Compliance Officer
Agricultural Credit Corporation
Phone: 519-766-0544

Privacy Policy